Friday, August 31, 2007

Today at 2:17am and at 7am

Don't ask me why, but I drank a bottle of pink wine, an espresso martini* and two cans of dodgy lager, the latter along with some incredibly cool people in a "This is not a bar" type smoking law loophole "Gallery": a tiny dark room full of art all lit with candles in Shoreditch.

God I feel terrible. Even though I had a big bacon and egg bap, slept through my lunch hour and drank a pot of office filter coffee the size of my head. Can't wait to climb back into bed!!! having scraped the white candlewax off my black dry clean only jacket, and cleaned the nasty little spots of god knows what off my shoes of course.

*Its a double espresso, shaken with gin vodka and martini over ice before being poured into a wanky looking glass and garnished with 3 coffee beans. They're £6.50 and I didn't order it! I asked for beer. It was way too late after that for any type of going back and I wasn't vastly surprised to wake up on my mate Paul's sofa......

But at least I did get to play with the cutest baby in the world between 7 and 8am.....

Wednesday, August 22, 2007


I've been busy. The constant drizzle, and the widely varied bowel diseases that the dogs up and down my road like to exhibit copiously on my morning walk to the station are getting me down enough to blog about it. And, since when did my leisure wear of choice become a yellow pinny? It was my Grandma's pinny so it has Grandma-magic in it (when I put it on I tidy like a whirlwind).

I see myself, however, as more of a silk-pyjama and slippers girl in my "resting" hours; or, in sweatpants, energetically jogging, swimming and/or playing wii. Reality dictates mundane, more drab tasks.

The heaps of clothes I own are starting to tower over me with terrifying regularity. How can one person use so many dishes? wear so many..... pants? since when did 5 days of living mean two solid days of cleaning tidying and washing? I have lost track of all those craft activities I meant to do: this year will once more be devoid of hand made Christmas cards: my friend's birthdays slip by unnoticed: jewellery lies unrepaired, ideas, once sparkling, are gathering dust, and my artistic tendencies are becoming as scrawny and dry as the broccoli I attempted to grow.

Darkness gathers: the damp roads and houses of London are huddling together as winter approaches early. My duvet beckons......though it probably needs cleaning, too.