Thursday, September 06, 2007

Invasion of the Macro Spiders! warning! spider pics!

Inspired by macro pictures in the lovely badger's blog, and by missed picture opportunities (even when in sweaty fear) in Stray's.......when I saw this enormo arachnid lurking behind my front door I had to take a picture of it despite my revulsion. My digital camera, an Ixus 500, is really rather good at macro shots..... even when the owner of the camera is shaking and jumping away at the last minute. The spider didn't even blink (well I assume it didn' spiders blink?) and didn't move a muscle when the flash went off. I was practically halfway back up the stairs again however. To get good macro you have to be CLOSE. Bluuurgh.
The Mr Sir D arrived and shooed it out. Phew.

Monday, September 03, 2007


You Won eBay Item: Raleigh Impulse racing bike !! (all in working order)
I went to collect the bike in Oval and the guy was LOVELY! He adjusted the saddle height and gave me a cycling map of London. Ebay's Feedback does not have enought space for how lovely a guy he was. Then I cycled from Oval to Plumstead (ow) to attend the Wiccaning (baby naming) of the newest addition to my massive extended family of friends, Lily McCavern Dodds. Oak leaf wine is weird but nice!
picture later.

Saturday, September 01, 2007

MY Bicycle!

This is going to me MY bicycle. I'm bidding on it on ebay. I love it already. It ends in 9 hours. Oh the tension!! It has those drop handle sexy bars. It is not black and it does not have a stupid basket.

Its my reward for managing to not drink loads of booze every single night this week. I overdid it Thursday (see previous post) but I loved the thisisnotabar thing anyway and I've done really well all the other nights. I'm going swimming now too. Every week. HONEST.

I AM healthy. (repeat to self each minute)
mmmm. Chocolate.