Tuesday, June 30, 2009

My family and other Edward Hopper portraits

I took this photo (when I upload it- have lost the wirething and the boxthing isn't playing) at a family reunion barbeque. Subjects- my Mother and Brother. I don't think ether of them in actual fact were having that dreadful a time- I just think they both look completely isolated from the scene and from each other. Thats what gives the picture such an Edward Hopper look.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Starting a new blog on a different tack

Like my friend crazymum with her Charlotisms, I do sometimes feel like no one understands the way I think. I have created a new game to stimuate me creatively- not sure where I got the idea from- though I believe it was after a double espresso and a grappa which shows that alcohol has had at least one positive effect on me for all the negative ones......anyway its all about rushing round clothes shops with a friend and 2 cameras, picking out stuff I would NEVER wear, screeching to a halt in the changing roms and pretending to be models- taking crazy pictures Austin Powers style then retiring to a dark arty coffee bar to giggle over the results. And then blog the pictures.

see Grilla Styling for more..... its VERY blank at the moment but watch that space!

Saturday, June 06, 2009


Extremely battered after an emotional week....  I don't want to talk about my week.
I think this blog needs more and better pictures. Of sleepy bumblebees perhaps- I took this one on macro using my new camera, a remarkably cheap £50 Canon with 7 mega ding-dongs. Fun! more pictures to follow. Crazymum has just got the same camera for her photo blog- her pics are awesome. go see. 
Also I think I want a laminator just so I can laminate things. Feathers and things. Dragonfly wings. later.... 
Perhaps I ought to try to refresh my life with another Wild Book Week. Would make a change from Wild Beer Week which is pretty much what I've achieved this week!! yurgl. (my new word for exactly how I feel today) perhaps I'll feel better later.....
 I hope I will feel better after I've gone through the masses of boxes of STUFF that I seem to accumulate. A lot of it is due to my idea of what tidying up is- shove everything thats on the floor into the nearest box/bag and sort it later. Except now I have dozens of such mixed-up boxes and bags, two holidays only half-unpacked. Everything which I have been thinking "oh I must do that later..." well, today IS later. Much later.