Friday, December 21, 2007

"X"mas and Spreadsheets, and Chocolate loyalty cards

Not a promising blogtitle. Nevertheless, I will press on because my blog was never designed to be interesting or notworthy, its just a blog.
I'm about to be in full Christmas mode- surrounded by innumerable new clothes and a leaning tower of dirty washing, (who knew!) I am nonetheless happy in my tiny pad, which now has a tiny Christmas tree, and my tiny sofa is covered with tiny gifts, some are even wrapped!!!
My New Years resolution is but one: keep track of my finances.
Yes, and do some washing.
Montezuma's chocolate makers have just opened up a shop in Spitalfields. I bought the whole shop.... truffles, bars and bars of their delicious dark chocolates in dozens of varieties.... Chilli, Single Estate, Geranium and Orange, and Snowman Shapes. yum yum. And, joy of joys, they have a loyalty card!!! I have two stamps. not one, but two!! I was about to leave when they told me that a large selection of their truffles are vegan......
I get the feeling a new year resolution regarding the fat deposits on my body from chocolate consumption may well be added to the list....!

Monday, December 03, 2007

Triple duvet delight tempered by utter launderette absence.

In my miniscule shoebox with sink and bed I now have 3 duvets. Stars on the ceiling. A functioning shower. A feeling that all the Spare Stuff is about to be taken away (thankyou Freecycle). The only problem is: no washing machine. The "nearest" launderette is nowhere near. It is about 3 miles by bus, and in no way convenient. All three of the ones which my landlady remembered have closed/become dry cleaners.
And "Independence" to me, does NOT mean taking my sodding laundry to a selection of friends, or, my parents to do. And handwashing is just not on. I'm left with four options:

1. Trek to launderette (think positive: there might be Good Shops too)
2. Use launderette near work (Is there one?)
3. Continue to use friends and family's machines at risk of total embarrassment for nuisance/freeloading (no pun intended)
4. Buy new clothes each week from Primark and give them to charity/sell on ebay ("worn once only")