Saturday, March 29, 2008

sort of xray

here is link to an xray approximating mine. Its where the bone is broken- but not in quite the same way- mine is cracked diagonally straightish rather than zig zag
SO there you go. Until I get camera operational.

Friday, March 28, 2008

everyday posting

I've nothing else to do!!!! I've exhausted the delights of chatting to the plaster technicians in the hospital, (purple leg now) and the other patients, and allowing myself chips and ice cream (not both together) after 2 and a half hours in hospital (should have taken a pic of my xray on the screen using phone- but phone does not connect to computer and blah blah blah) and watching Torchwood and QI, which was in fact QB, and now I'm looking up serving trolleys for work online. I miss work. I like it. I like the people and I even like answering the phone sometimes. And clearing away sandwiches. And all the boring boring things I do but do well. Its so amazing to have a job. I just love it. I may have been in danger of forgetting that. Well I guess I can consider myself reminded.
Yeah, and it would seem I can take pictures with the eee.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

no pictures, only words

The kindness of brownie knitter will shortly be keeping my toes warm- she has promised to knit me an Emergency Sock from pure wool (for warmth even when wet), in pink, with extra cashmere round the toes specially for my poorly ankle in its (hopefully) pink or purple fibreglass cast. Pictures will come when I have charged the battery for my camera. I'm moving house day after tomorrow. I think I wont be much help. I really feel for the "man with a van". He will get to know exactly how hard being that man in that van can be. I will need carrying more than the boxes... which I have not boxed up yet....Not to mention the long suffering Paul and even longer suffering Sammy.....I have become a burden to society. I'm looking up jokes even now to lighten the mood with. Perhaps I can hire a wheelchair for the day and whiz about in that. I cant help but think of all the people who are in wheelchairs forever when I consider getting one for the weekend, it seems jolly ridiculous and I feel extra lucky to have my mobility and health. And its my mobility and health I intend to keep, once I have it back.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

big white wake-up call

Its not sprained. Its broken. I'm in plaster for the first time in my life. Feeling even more stupid then before and somewhat determined never ever to lose track of how much I'm drinking ever again. How about not drinking at all, is what I'm thinking, and taking it one day at a time seems to be the plan. It only drains my wallet, makes me fat and act stupidly, and now- broken bones? its a no brainer.
Possible plans for those who buy me drinks even when I don't want one include pouring it over their heads. I got this idea from someone who gave up smoking by loading several water pistols and instructing his housemates to shoot him with them, thus soaking the fag and him, if he ever lit up. It was successful! His housemates were wily and used to creep around catching him even when he was far from the house. Perhaps I should hand out some water pistols.
But anyway, how the hell did I manage to walk around on it for 2 days? Cracked fibula, I hear you say, is not weight bearing. Too right its not. Owtch.

Monday, March 24, 2008


I have sprained my ankle. It hurts a lot. Chocolate, ice, painkillers, none of them work really so I'm in a sulk on the sofa playing on the eee. I'm severely unimpressed that I fell over drunk and also particularly embarrassed to admit that it happened while jumping out of the kebab shop. No dancing for me for a while. Something has got to stop here and I don't mean the kebabs. The Quakers had it right. Hot chocolate is much safer.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Easter weekend fun

After an argument about what is or isn't Art, and Damien Hirst and Marcel Duchamp compared and contrasted with Bach and Mendolhson (ok I can't spell it, so sue me) over a greasy breakfast; touring Kew in the freezing sleet/snow on the jolly little bus which was surprisingly fun, enduring arguments about Mac vs PC, homeopathy vs western medicine, where to have tea, how to warm up, and whether Henry Moore's sculpture is "crap" or not, because each actual bronze was not made by the artist himself, (merely designed and modelled by hand in miniature) ...I came to the conclusion that I must be spending the day with my family. After purchasing bargain plush Venus fly-trap toys (£1 each- with detachable plush fly) we are all watching an animated peanut instruct us on how to wobble strange white controllers in the air. Yes, the family are playing Big Brain Academy on the Wii.

I haven't laughed this much in ages!!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Just another day in the office

I was late due to needing more sleep obviously because going to bed early and not drinking any beer and doing relaxing exercises before bed and setting the alarm does not work. Was only going to be 20 minutes late until saw bus queue which was trailing up the stairs back into Waterloo station. Went to get cash to get cab. After enormous cash queue as only one machine operational and machines next to some kind of sewage outlet, found enormous taxi queue. Went back to bus queue. Saw different bus about to go and jumped on that. First piece of luck for the day- it was a Holborn bus. Battled through crowds to work and now I’m here to face some kind of seminar which is an hour earlier than usual and of course the booklets for it are not printed or bound. Phone is ringing every ten minutes (though oddly not in the last ten) and the receptionist and my line manager are off sick and on holiday respectively. Lunch has not yet been ordered for the hordes who are imminently arriving and there goes the phone again.......Just another day in the office.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

massive Backblog

Right. It would appear that I have not written in this blog for an absolute yonk. I have been thinking of way to make it a bit more readable- post only in haiku, perhaps? Only in rhyme?
Neverless- Allow me to sum up the past few months, not in rhyme as yet, and probably not in reason either.
Christmas happened, the weather continued to be awful, January involved lots of work and beer and little sleep and no internet access at all except to check email at double quick speed at work, I extremely unexpectedly met the man I want to spend the rest of my life with, which confused the HELL out of me and still does, on Feb 29th I came over all romantic and asked him to marry me. What happened with the rings is another story for another day but lets just say it involved ebay.
So there you are, thats about it apart from the fact that due to the constant data struggle (no computer online etc etc) I bought an linux based ubercool sub notebook called an Asus eee pc in the hope of better comms in general and what is prompting me to post today is......
long story....

I cut up all my credit cards, yeah, to get in Control of my money. And to pay back Mr Sir D's utter kindness, and the tax, and all of that griff.
I have realised that although debt is a part of life, uncontrolled and spiralling debt is like a creeping disease. Ok, so you say, so what did you do then?
Well, I've become a huge fan of and I have changed my bank account to the best new one, easily managed online with no offshore call centres. I have begun to save. I have put everything I spend into a spreadsheet on my darling new computer. I have further resolved to stay in touch with my friends more, etc, having freed up a part of my mind which I now realise was set aside purely for worrying.
Brilliant! I hear you say. But, why oh why would anything AT ALL be simple in the world of computers. The bank's website is not compatible with my beloved FireFox, pre installed on the supercool gadget I'm at present typing on. Aha! I thought to go get IE tab. But no, it is not available for linux. I rest my case ladies and gents, lifes just too complicated for me to be dealing with. I'm going to re-install myself in bed under a simple duvet-fleece interface with a large warmth protocol on the highest setting. No password required- simply get straight in.