Saturday, August 21, 2010

Post-op Bunion operation picture (look away if squeamish!)

I thought I'd put this up because I completely failed to find any pictures on the internet of the exact operation I had. So- here is before, and of 3 days after and a picture of my cyber-boot. Its a lapidus bunion surgery operation, or base procedure, more "serious" than the scarf osteotomy (when you can walk a week later) and involving screws and a plate and 6 weeks on crutches. I thought it would be clever to take a picture of my foot with the dressings off in hospital, and promptly almost faintedl. Feeling faint on crutches is NOT wise. I felt most embarrassed! Anyway, here are the gruesome pics in case you are about to have surgery and wondering what it will be like. The answer is- you won't feel very much because modern nerve blocker injections and pain pills are excellent. But not being able to go anywhere without crutches and stonking great cyber-boot is frustrating in the extreme. So there you are. Today I am mainly missing the codeine, it was ever so floaty and nice!!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Happy Feet

I've just had a bunion on my right foot straightened- indeed, removed. General anaesthetic was fun and I'm now zonked on codeine and writing this in a bit of a haze. It hurts but not much. See pic. I'm very excited to to see the foot itself when the bandages come off briefly tomorrow. Meanwhile its a somewhat epic journey up and down the stairs to the bathroom. Everything seems to be an effort......can't wait to wear normal shoes though....zzzzzzz