Sunday, May 17, 2015

A post about tea

Proper tea. Loose leaf. I'm inspired to begin blogging again by Art and Tea who writes so eloquently about tea, beads and other things.

I'm trying out BRUU, a company that send loose tea monthly. So far it has been very good: I was blown away by their First Flush Darjeeling and excited to find big lumps of edible pineapple and coconut in their Tropical Green tea at the end. Yummy! Nice to know that the tea is made with real fruit and not just flavoured.

I don't have any fancy equipment: I just sprinkle a little into a cup and pour on hot water. The leaves sink and when I've drunk the tea I can usually make a second cup by re-using the leaves. Once the leaves are unrolled and have gone cold, they are easy to scoop into the bin (sorry- no compost where we are) with a teaspoon. Job done, teabags be gone. Refreshing and (I'm told) good for the "health" whatever that is taken to mean.

I've had a huge period of personal growth over the last few years (mainly through therapy and being married) and recently I've been working with Clara Francis the brilliant jewellery designer and with I-Beads the Europe-wide bead website. I've had my designs for Creative Beadcraft  published in magazines, I've gained weight, lost weight, tried to become a Peer Support Worker in mental health (still trying) and I've touched a BAFTA. That was Jason Watkin's BAFTA for his role as Christopher in the Lost Honour of Christopher Jefferies, he was brilliant, watch it.

Happy tea drinking and bead hoarding everyone.

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